Did you know that RunSensible can help you find new leads? Our web-to-lead tool allows you to collect information from people interested in doing business with you. Web-to-lead creates a form for personal and contact information like email address and phone number. This form can be emailed to your leads or embedded on your landing pages. Every time someone fills out the form, they will be added to your leads list on RunSensible. Let’s create a web-to-lead form together.

Head over to Settings on the top right side of your screen.

On the left sidebar, click on Customize and choose Web To Lead.

Every form you create will be listed here. Click on Add.

Give your form a name and header. Then, choose a lead source. For example, choose email marketing if this form is going to be emailed as a part of a marketing campaign. You can also add a word or two about the form in the description box.

Now head down to the Lead Fields. These are the fields you want your lead to fill. You can add fields based on the information you need from your lead. Click on Add new field. You can choose what type of information you want this field to ask for from the drop-down menu.

You can also choose if any of the fields are mandatory to fill. Each field has an Is required switch. By turning it off and on, you can choose the importance of the field.

You can also add new sections for your questions to categorize your form.

Click on Save when you’re done.

You can copy the form’s link or embed it on your website. If you click on Embed, you will be given a code to include in your landing pages and website.

You can also see how many times the link was clicked.