At RunSensible, we love templates! Templates are a reasonable solution to help automate different processes like sales and customer support. With templates, you don’t have to waste time writing a contract or an email from scratch for every single person or company. Let’s have a look at the templates available on RunSensible and how to customize them.

Contract Template

RunSensible can function as an essential tool for creating, sending, and finalizing contracts. But first, you’ll need to simplify the process by creating a template. Once you create a contract template for each category, you can use it for all your contracts.

Email Templates

You can create email templates on RunSensible for all sorts of emails you have to send daily. Let’s create an email template together.

RunSensible Email Designer

The email designer tool is used to create impressive and graphic emails for marketing campaigns. When creating an email marketing campaign, there are some default email templates you can choose from. But you can also create your own.

Invoice/Quote Templates

Quotes and Invoices have three default templates that can be edited.