Have you ever had a great opportunity that could really boost sales and brand awareness? On RunSensible, you can thoroughly plan and track these opportunities. You can set an goal, predict opportunity value, and track how your team members perform while planning how to reach your goal. These articles will teach you how to work with opportunities.

Create a New Opportunity

To create a new opportunity, start by clicking on Opportunities from the sidebar, or use the Opportunities card on the dashboard.

Customizing the Pipeline

Each opportunity has a goal to meet and for that, it needs a pipeline. You have to create pipelines based on opportunities. In order to do so, head over to Settings on the right top side of your screen.

Opportunity Profile

Every opportunity has a profile where you can see all the information, jobs, contracts, and details about the campaign. On your Opportunities list, if you click on an opportunity’s name you will enter the profile.