Stay on top of your matters with RunSensible! Easily store and organize all relevant information such as documents, communications, time entries, billing details and so much more!
All your casework in RunSensible will be tied to a matter file to help you keep track of important case information in one place, making it easier for law firms to track their legal cases.

Creating matters

Using RunSensible you will be able to create matters in no time, have quick and easy access to every one of them, and manage them as you wish.

Matter pipeline

Matter pipeline management is a process to manage legal matters and the associated workflow. It involves the use of technology to streamline the management of the legal matter.

Archiving a matter

Once you have successfully completed all the stages of work on a particular matter, it is preferable to remove it from your list of ongoing matters and archive it separately.

Closing and reopening matters

If you no longer wish to see a particular matter in your matters list, whether it is completed or not, you can choose to close it.

Delete and recover matters

To delete your matters, simply navigate to the matters on your dashboard.

Contingency Fee & Flat Rate Matters

Explore Contingency Fee & Flat Rate Matters in our guide, simplifying legal billing for practitioners and clients alike.

Conflict check

Conflict of interest arises when an individual or entity involved in a specific situation faces conflicting interests, potentially compromising their ability to act impartially