Lead Overview

A lead is a potential customer whom you are trying to turn into a contact/customer.  Leads can be accessed in the Navigation Menu. It is also accessible from dashboard gadgets.

How to create a new lead:

  • Click on Leads on the Navigation Menu, select “New”, and fill in the ensuing Basic Information form, and “Save”.

  • On the Lead list page, select lead by “Name”
  • On the Lead profile page, select any action desired… send an Email, schedule an Appointment (Meet button), create a Task, a Note or even make a call, or send messages by clicking on any of the respective buttons

Here’s the default Lead status steps for conversion of a lead to a contact/customer:

Note: You may add/remove/modify steps as desired in Settings -> Customize -> Lead Status.

How to convert Lead to contact/customer:

  • Click on the “Convert” button;

  • Check the last name and company name;
  • You may create an opportunity and/or project from a lead by selecting either of the following options:

Preview activities on the Lead:

The Lead profile page will give you a preview of all your daily activities concerning any specific lead:

Appointments versus Invite to meet

Meetings with the Lead/Contact/Customer can be scheduled through the “Meet” button or “Appointment” tab, whereas by selecting the “Invite to Meet”button and filling the form that appears, the Lead/Contact/Customer can be asked to set the time and date of a meeting you wish to have with them.


Tagging lets you quickly sort, filter, segment, and target contacts/customers with campaigns designed around their specific interests and actions.

How to import data:

Before you start an import, create a source list of the data to be imported through Google, Excel,  CVS files.

Then, in Settings, select Import Data from the Navigation Menu.

Click on NEXT and map* your data, giving it a name or tag, and SAVE.

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