RunSensible is a tool for all businesses. Photographers, designers, and anyone who works as a freelancer can take advantage of Jobs. Any project or gig can be classified as a job on RunSensible. You can send a questionnaire to your client to ask for information, send pictures for their approval, instantly create quotes for custom products or services, and so on. RunSensible is a freelancer’s heaven!

Create a Job

Congratulations on your new order! Let’s use RunSensible to track your process. The first thing you need to do is create a job associated with you, your customer, and any team member doing tasks for you.

Creating Job Types

To create a job on RunSensible, you must create different job types based on your products, services, and job pipelines.

Job Information

Each Job has a profile that represents every bit of information about the job, plus all sorts of activities associated with that specific job.

Job Pipeline

A job pipeline is the workflow of a job, from the first contact with your client, until product/service delivery. For example, if you are a freelance digital artist, your job pipeline starts with a customer contacting you to order a piece of art. Then, it’s followed by you asking your client for their color preferences and other questions you need to ask to design a custom piece. Then, you calculate how much it will cost and send them a quote. After the client accepts the quote, you start your work and send them pictures of the initial design. After finalizing the design with the client, you finish the piece and send them an invoice. All these are examples of how a job pipeline works.


It is crucial to know what your customer expects when starting the job. You also need information about their preferences. That’s why we designed the questionnaire tool. This tool will allow you to design a form of all the questions necessary for your job. Let’s create a questionnaire together.

Sending Quotes

When you work a freelance job, every product or service has a clear value and price. For example, a photographer has different packages and prices. Sometimes a client asks for a custom job. This means you have to calculate costs and come up with a price. You have to send a quote to the client to agree on prices. Let us show you how you can send a quote with RunSensible.