How To Manually Add a New Contact / Company

Adding a Contact/Company:

  • On the Navigation Menu, select “Contact” or “Companies”, > “New”, and fill in the respective Basic Information form*.
  • Alternatively, click on the “Shortcut” button on top Navigation Bar, select “Contact” or “Companies”, > “New”, and fill in the respective Basic Information form.

* Click on SHOW MORE to add more information and SAVE.

Contact Type can be customized with the types of your contacts. To customize, go to Settings > select Customize > click on Contact Type to enter a new name for the type of your contact, and “Add”.

Add a Contact from the Contacts Tab:

  • On the Contact Tab: Click on “new” in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  • If you need to add additional information, click on “More Information”.
  • Click on the “save” button.

View/edit Your Contacts or Companies:

  • On Navigation Menu select “Contact” or “Companies”.
  • On the “Contact” or “Companies” list page, select respective NAME.
  • On the profile page, select any action desired. Send Email, Schedule an Appointment, create a Task or a Note … by clicking on any of the buttons:

  • On the profile page you will access the history of all your activities by selecting any of the buttons:


Tagging lets you quickly sort, filter, segment, and target contacts/customers with campaigns designed around their specific interests and actions.

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