How To Create, Edit, And Delete A Task

How To Create A Task

To create a task, go to “Tasks” on Navigation Menu, select “New” to fill in the “New Task Basic Information” form.

  • Under “Activity Type”, select any of the default choices, or create your own type of activity by going to Settings > Customize > Activity Type > Enter a new name, and “Add”.

  • Tasks assigned will be notified to the assignees through email or SMS set up under Settings > “Account Management” > “Notifications”.

Note: Notifications will work only if the assignee’s email address and phone number have been duly integrated into Settings > Users > User Management.

Tasks can additionally be created in the profile pages of Leads, Contacts, Companies, and Opportunities.

Note: All tasks can be accessed for preview and follow up on the task list page shown below:

Mark A Task As Complete

Once a task is done and completed, you may go ahead and mark a “task as complete” by checking

Edit a task

To edit a task, click on the name of a task and update the relevant fields and click “Save.”

Delete A Task

You may delete a task by clicking on three dots on the left-hand side and select “Remove” or on the task details page.

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