How To Connect Your Inbox

Connect a personal email to RunSensible to send one-to-one emails from the CRM, log email and see send sequences emails. You can connect multiple personal emails to RunSensible that your user can use to send emails.

To send emails through the RunSensible application, or use the sales tools in your email inbox, you will be required to sync your inbox. Learn more about the complete list of features that require a connected inbox.

Please note: the instructions in this article are specific to connecting a personal inbox to RunSensible to send emails to contacts.

Choose your email connection type

When deciding on an email connection, you will need to know the source of your email host. Your email host operates your email servers. If you’re unsure of your email host, ask your IT department or use an online tool such as MxToolbox.

Please note: RunSensible does not support a connection with ActiveSync.


In the domain name field, enter your email domain. This is the part after the @ symbol in your email address. For example, if your email address is, your email domain is

After entering your email domain, click MX Lookup. On the next screen, you’ll see your email service provider (email host):

  • If your email service provider is Google Apps, you’ll be connecting a Gmail account.
  • If your email service provider is Office 365, you’ll be connecting an Office 365 account.
  • If your email service provider is something other than Google Apps or Office 365, then you can connect your account via SMTP.

Depending on your email host, follow the instructions on connecting your inbox to RunSensible.

Please note: to connect an inbox, you must be an admin or a user granted with permissions.

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