Custom Fields

In RunSensible, you’ll find a dedicated panel for all your entities, whether they are prospects, matters, or opportunities. Inside these panels, there’s an Information Tab featuring specific fields. These fields are where you input the necessary information when creating these entities or add some further information after creating them. Customize these fields, aligning the Information Tab with your firm’s needs. This adaptability empowers you to efficiently capture and manage all relevant details about each entity within this tab.

To modify your custom fields, go to the top-right corner of your screen and click on Settings.


From there, select Customize, and then click on Custom Fields.

custom fields

Once you are there, select the entity that you want to change its custom fields.

Entities come with predefined essential information sections and fixed custom fields that cannot be modified. However, you can include as many additional information sections and custom fields as you need within each section.

To create a new section in the information tab, click the Add Section button at the bottom of the custom field panel for your chosen entity.

Add section

When the input box appears, give the section a name, and click Save. Your new section will be saved in the entity’s information tab.

enter section name for custom field

To add a new field to a section, first, select the section where you want to place the field. Then, click the Add Field button located at the bottom of the section you’ve chosen.

add field custom fields

To create a new field, start by specifying the type of information that this field will hold in the Label Box provided. If you want to make this field mandatory for anyone creating a new entity of this kind, click the button on the right side of the box labelled Required.

add field

To view the various field options available, click on the Field Type drop-down menu. This will show you a list of different field choices that you can use.

field type

Here are all the options you have:

Number: Choose this field when you require quantitative data, such as age, price, quantity, or any other numeric value. Users can input numbers into this field, making it suitable for collecting numerical information.

number custom fields

RunSensible User: Choose this option for the field if you want to link the information with one of your employees who has a RunSensible account.

Runsensible user

Text: Select the ‘Text’ field when you need users to provide descriptive or textual information. This is ideal for capturing information like names, addresses, comments, or non-numeric data. Users can enter text or sentences in this field, making it versatile for various types of textual information.


Radio Button, check box, check box with icon:
To make a single choice in your information tab, choose the Radio Button from the Field Type drop-down menu.

radio button

To make multiple selections from a list, choose the Check Box. If you prefer to add distinct icons to each option in the checkbox list, opt for the Check Box with Icon. This allows you to customize and visually differentiate each choice within the list by assigning unique icons.

checkbox with icon

The customization process for these three options is almost identical, so we can explain it together.
After selecting one of the aforementioned options, a panel will appear at the bottom of your screen. This panel includes a Label box and a Value box.

lable and value

In the value box, type in the name of the option you wish to include in your list. Once you’ve entered the name, press the ‘Tab’ key on your keyboard. This action triggers the system to automatically fill the value box with the accurate information related to the name you provided.

If you want to add more than one option to your list, just click the ‘Add Option’ button.

add option

When selecting the checkbox with an icon, click on the Camera button positioned on the right side of the value box to add the appropriate icon to the selected option. From there, choose the desired icon file on your device, and it will be seamlessly uploaded and attached to the option.

camera button

Please keep in mind that it’s important to avoid leaving any of the specified boxes empty when creating your list. If you find yourself with an excess of options without content, you can easily manage this by clicking on the Remove button next to the respective options. However, note that the system may only allow you to save your changes if there are no empty options in your list.

remove button

The same rule applies when adding icons. If you’ve chosen the Checkbox with Icon, every option in your list must have a corresponding icon. To successfully save your changes, ensure that each option is paired with an uploaded icon.

After making your desired changes, click the ‘Save’ button to save all the modifications.

save button