Create Document Templates

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating document templates in RunSensible:

Begin by navigating to the Settings.


Once in the settings, click on the Documents. Within the documents section, find and select Document Templates.

document template

Click on the Create Template button to start creating a new document template.

create template

Add a descriptive name for your document template in the provided field.

name contract

Choose the relevant entity for which this template is intended by clicking on it.

select entry

Specify the country, state/province, city, and county by clicking on the respective bars.


Tag your document template for easy categorization and organization. You can assign a color to each tag to make them easily distinguishable.
After setting up your template details, click on the Add button to save your progress.

color document

Click on the Next button to proceed to the next step.

next button

Here, you have three options:

Use Text Editor: Create a template from scratch using the built-in text editor.

Upload PDF: Upload an existing PDF file to convert into a template.

Upload WORD: Upload an existing Word document to convert into a template.

Add Document

Choose the option that best suits your needs to continue creating or customizing your document template.