Archiving a matter

Once you have successfully completed all the stages of work on a particular matter, it is preferable to remove it from your list of ongoing matters and archive it separately. This allows you to easily access and review the completed matter at a later time, as it will be saved in the designated archived matters section.

In your sidebar menu, click “Matters”. You can see all your matters listed here.


Open the completed matter by clicking on its name.

matters list

At this point, you have done all the tasks you had for the matter, so you have reached the last stage of the pipeline: archive.

archive matters

By simply clicking on the archive stage of the pipeline, then clicking on the save button, the matter gets archived.

When you get back to the matters list, there will be no trace of the completed archived matter.

You can access the archived matter by clicking on the archive button, on the top left of your screen.

click button archive