RunSensible is an all-in-one business and marketing tool. You can use RunSensible to set up meetings with your business associates, book an appointment with your clients, or let customers book sessions with you, on your terms. Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, work by the hour or nine-to-five, you can use the appointments tool to create online booking book calendars and handle all sorts of appointments. RunSensible also includes unique features that allow you to add a workflow to any meetings your customers want to set up, requiring them to sign a contract, make an upfront payment, or answer a series of questions.

Booking an Appointment

RunSensible is the go-to calendar tool for appointment-based businesses. With RunSensible, you can create online booking calendars that let your customers schedule meetings with you, on your terms. There are some easy steps you need to take first.

Integrate Calendars

RunSensible is all about saving you time and money while making your tasks easier to handle. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to integrate Google and Microsoft calendars into RunSensible. That lets you see all your meetings and appointments in one place – but that’s the least of it. By integrating your calendar, you will unlock RunSensible’s features, empowering you to create online booking calendars, automated appointment follow-up, and much more.

Set Up a New Appointment

The calendar tool on RunSensible will help organize all your meetings and appointments. One of its basic functions is creating a new appointment by hand. Let’s learn how to add a new appointment to the calendar.

Set Up an Appointment Type

To set up a meeting or an appointment, first, you need to set up some appointment types. This will help you know what kind of meetings you set with different people in your jam-packed calendar. For every appointment type, you can define different meeting lengths and other options, so it will come in handy.